As a psychotherapist in clinical practice, I have worked with divorcing couples and their children since 1983 and am one of the founding members of Collaborative Divorce Solutions Orange County. My professional mission statement, which is to assist as many people as possible heal and empower themselves, comes to fruition in the collaborative divorce process, which is based on mutual respect and alleviating the current and future trauma common in divorce. I have extensive training in collaborative divorce, mediation, domestic violence, chemical dependency and trauma recovery and for ten years I served as an associate professor of Human Services at Saddleback College training prospective counselors, therapists and others pursuing professions in human services.

About Me

Therapy Assistant

Perhaps the most important ancillary service in my practice is Friede, whose name means "peace' in German. a yellow Labrador, who is my canine co-therapist.

Published Author

In addition to publishing numerous divorce-related articles available on online media outlets and her family-focused divorce website, she authored a chapter titled "The Role of the Child Specialist" in the book Divorce Puzzle, Connecting the Pieces Collaboratively and co-authored Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce, published by Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Company.