“Each one of us is setting an example for some one else and each one of us has a responsibility to shape the future as we wish it to be.” -Mahatma Gandhi


Perhaps you have decided that the pain you have experienced in your marriage has made the decision to divorce unavoidable. Divorce is second only to death of a loved as the most stressful life event.  The end of a marriage is usually filled with conflicting and overwhelmingly painful emotions.  You may feel angry, confused and depressed.  The conventional litigation process for legally dissolving a marriage often exacerbates the pain and you and your spouse can quickly move into adversarial roles, becoming engaged in “battle divorce.”

You and your spouse can chose a more peaceful, respectful divorce process.  For the past two decades a growing number of divorcing couples, with the assistance of experienced professionals in family law, mental health and financial services have been pursuing more constructive no-court divorce alternatives.  Collaborative Divorce is one such alternative.

Collaborative Divorce is a unique no-court approach to the dissolution of your marriage, which provides you and your spouse or partner a process to resolve your disputes respectfully.  In fact, mutual respect is fundamental in the Collaborative Divorce process, which is based on three guiding principles:

  • A pledge not to go to court
  • An honest exchange of information by both spouses
  • A solution which takes into account the highest priorities of both adults and children.

Feeling isolated and alone are common feelings during separation and divorce.  Often people don’t know where to turn for support.  Collaborative Divorce offers you a team of experienced professionals to guide you through the many important aspects of divorce—the legal issues, your emotional turmoil, your concerns for your children and your financial questions.  Your Collaborative Team of professionals empowers you and your spouse to problem solve, make your own decisions and negotiate you own settlement.

During the past 25 years in my role as a licensed psychotherapist providing services for adults and children whose lives have been touched by divorce, I have seen the emotional and financial devastation which can be wrought by “battle divorce”. I am passionate about divorce peacemaking and I believe it provides a superior process for couples who have children, as well as for couples who are childless.  As a member of your Collaborative Divorce team, I will serve either as your or your spouse’s Divorce Coach or, if you have children, I will serve as your Child Specialist.

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” -Bertrand Russell