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Learn how to effectively work with your partner to co-parent your children during and after your peaceful divorce. Together with Dr. Hughes' guidance, you will learn to create and execute a co-parenting plan.

Child Specialist

Dr. Hughes is renowned for her ability to advocate for the children's needs during and after the collaborative divorce process. Let her guide your family to solutions that are best for you and your children.

Divorce Coach

As your Collaborative Divorce Coach, Dr. Hughes will be there to guide you through the entire Collaborative Divorce process with years of experience and expertise.


Collaborative Divorce is a unique no-court approach to the dissolution of your marriage, which provides you and your spouse or partner a process to resolve your disputes respectfully.


Mediation is a no court option for dissolving your marriage.  In mediation you both meet with a neutral professional, who is trained in conflict resolution, negotiation and communication skills.

Family Specialist

The Family Specialist combines the roles of the Co-parenting Specialist, the Child Specialist, and the Divorce Coach into one professional, who   serves on your mediation or collaborative divorce team.


Dr. Hughes is a highly sought after trainer for other Mental Health professionals seeking to broaden their understanding of Collaborative Divorce best practices.  Learn more about training with Dr. Hughes!