“Discourage litigation, persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them the nominal winner is often a real loser in fees, expenses and waste of time.” - Abraham Lincoln

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a no court option for dissolving your marriage.  In mediation you both meet with a neutral professional, who is trained in conflict resolution, negotiation and communication skills. The mediator is neither an advocate for you or your spouse nor does he/she advocate for either of you. The mediator helps you clarify your concerns, interests and values and find solutions to resolve the conflicts arising in the dissolution of your marriage. You are empowered to make your own decisions and craft your divorce settlement.

I provide mediation services via two modalities.  One is as a co-mediator with a mediator lawyer.  We provide you a gender balanced mediation team.  My role as your co-mediator is to assist you through the difficult emotions which can create impasse, thus impeding the mediation process. The mediator lawyer and I combine our years of experience and skills in conflict resolution, creating a synergy and balancing the legal and emotional aspects of divorce.  In addition, when needed, we may encourage you to seek the expertise of other mediation trained experts, such as a financial professional who is certified in the financial complexities of divorce, or a child specialist, who has expertise and experience working with children and parents going through divorce.

The other modality via which I provide mediation services is by serving as a child specialist to you, your spouse and your mediator. In this role I will meet with you, your spouse and your child/children, both individually and conjointly, and bring the voice(s) of your child/children into the mediation process. You and your spouse can also agree to consult with me post settlement as the needs of you and your children change and evolve.

If you and your spouse are generally trusting of each other and intend to work together amicably to resolve your disputes, if neither of you is threatening the other, and if you are in general agreement regarding your parenting plan, then mediation may be the right option for you.

“Conflict stops when both parties accept its end.” – Author unknown